The Faster and Easy Way To Get Adsense Approval for you’re your blog or website

Let’s Know How to Get Adsense Approval easily. This is TunerHimu . And want To Share About Tips About Adsense easily Approval Tips. So Let’s Learn getting adsense approval for your blog or website is tough because there are many bloggers and tuner making blog blogs everyday and applying for adsense approval therefore since there is a lot of competition google selects only the websites that adheres to their adsense policy.

Lets Learn some of the most important factors to consider before applying for approval on google adense:

Most important- Unique and creative Content of Idea

The most important feature of a blog is its content; the articles being written must be original and should not be copied from any other website or blog. The content of your blog / web needs to be 100 percent original (You can check if your article is having any copied content by using plagiarism checker tools as well).

The length of the blog / web post is also very important; it should have at least 450-550 or more words with or without any image. If you put image then it is good as it is great for visitors attraction however do not use any copyrighted image, try using your own image or art your self using Adobe photoshop, Adobe illustrator or any kinds of image editing tools.


Need Some SEO settings

Some of the basic seo needs to be done, like in blogger you need to fill meta tag & description. Also it is important for you to put your blog site in search console so that it is being recognize by search engine and shown the perfect result. This helps to gain some organic visitor traffic.

Try To Use a custom domain ( .com .net .org )

You can buy a custom domain if you wish to from any domain seller like godaddy and namecheap, HatHostBD etc. Well this is better to buy because google adsense team prefers high level domain over free hosted domain, also it is much better in search engine and rankings.

However if one does not buy a custom domain even than it is not a problem, google also approves on dot blogspot ( ) domain but it takes more effort and take long time, The approval time for it is around one month or more but on high level domain it takes around under a week to month to get approval.

Top Navigation / Menu Pages

These pages are very important and should be there in your blog. If you have the four page with good writing condition you may get approvals be quickly. There are main four pages that must be there which includes:

Privacy Policy

About Us

Contact Us


Pages like Privacy policy and disclaimer can be easily generated by online websites. Other pages such as contact and about us requires information about you and the aim of the blog / web, also how can you be contact so you can include your number here or put email, facebook page link, your local contact address etc here as well.

How Many Traffic Requirements?

While there is no stated specific requirements set by Adsense team but your blog / web site needs to have at least 50 to 100 daily visitors. More visitors is better for quick approve.

Create some Categories 

First of all before starting a blog you set a niche like; tech,news,stories,tips etc then you decide sub niche in it like if we talk about technology it could be mobile phones, computers, laptops, other etc so one needs to also develop some sub categories in order to give your blog / web site a more professional look.

Social Profile/Page Links

These are not very important though for adsense approval but can be done to make your website look better. You can add social links such if you are having a youtube channel, facebook page, Twitter or instagram etc.

So, I wish to all of my visitor – who already read the post and do it step by step – you may getting ready to approve google adsense be soon. If you have any kinds of it related problem feel free tell us. We will try to help you as a friend . Don’t forgot to like, comment & share the post if you like .


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