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Hi guys, are you feeling stuck trying to get started with all of the online marketing
platforms that exist today?
Well watch this video and don’t find out how you can get started on digital marketing right now and do it with confidence!
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If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the digital marketing tactics available to you, by the end of this video
you’ll know my five top tips for how to get started with digital marketing and also achieve the highest return on your
Investment possible. I’ve proven this method with many clients and now it is your turn
Tip number one:
understand what marketing is,
Marketing: whether it’s online marketing or offline marketing is simply just getting customers
Interested in your products or services. Not only that it is
intentionally moving them from being a stranger of your business to a promoter of your business
marketing is often confused with
advertising or sales or promotion but these are simply
activities that exist within marketing. So now that you know, what marketing is let’s move on to tip number two.
Tip number two:
Understand what digital marketing is, this might seem super simple
However, digital marketing is a term that is tossed around a lot these days.
So, just to clarify:
Digital marketing is an all-inclusive term that is comprised of all of our online marketing efforts
businesses, utilize channels and platforms such as Google,
social media,
email and their websites to connect with potential customers and existing customers.
If you’re looking for a more detailed understanding of what digital marketing is and how you can use it for your business
I’ve created a
Digital Marketing guide that is available at the link below for a free download
tip number three thrive on the changing nature of digital
Unlike traditional channels like print radio and TV ads the nature of digital marketing is changing very quickly
This means that even the most seasoned digital marketers have to adapt to changes on the tools that they’re using every day
So if you are brand new to digital marketing you can use this as an advantage to just jump right in and learn very quickly
As it is such a disruptive environment
Are you someone who thrives on change if yes, leave a comment below with yes, if no
Leave a comment below with no.
tip number four
Know who your customers are. As with traditional marketing, it is crucial to understand who your customers are and where they’re hanging out online
There are tons of distractions for marketers and business owners on the latest tools and tactics for your business.
The key is to understand
what your customers care about what they’re doing online when they are on those platforms and what it is that they’re looking up.
Once you know what platforms they actually use you can focus on optimizing those
specific platforms and doing it in a way that best meets the needs and wants of your customers.
One example would be if you’ve heard that you should be
utilizing snapchat or Twitter 100% and investing money on ads on those platforms and
your customers aren’t actually using those platforms. It doesn’t make any sense for you to actually be on them
So again focus on who your customers are what types of platforms
fit their demographic and the things that they like to do and research and look up and
focus on optimizing your presence on that platform
Tip number five is probably the most important and that is to fall in love with helping your customers
Reason I say this is because a lot of small business owners have trouble with the digital marketing
social media in particular because we open ourselves up to
a lot of criticism and
vulnerability it’s easy to become afraid and
self-conscious of what people are going to say and become afraid that our posts are going to come across as salesy
However, if we’re consistently in the mindset that our goal is to help people and provide solutions
To our customers and help them to find us who otherwise wouldn’t find us then that is one way that you can
Overcome that fear of posting and being extremely active on social media
Comment below if you found these tips at all helpful
and if you have any other tips for brand new users of online marketing
Please leave them below as well
If you’re looking for a step-by-step process for how to create your own digital marketing strategy
I’ve created a digital marketing strategy guidebook, which can be downloaded at the link below
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